Imagine What’s NEXT Conference Is Rescheduled and Exploring a New Model

The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry is rescheduling the 2018 Imagine What’s NEXT conference to explore and adopt a new model that meets the changing needs for college students and The United Methodist Church. GBHEM will share the new conference date and updates as they become available. Click HERE to view the rescheduling announcement.

The next movement

The NEXT UMC community is a unique space created out of The United Methodist Student Movement. NEXT is about encouraging and supporting those who dream of making a difference in the world right now for Christ. As we grow and connect across the globe, NEXT serves as a pool of partners, perspectives, and resources to help you in your faith and leadership development. Most importantly, doing good work is not a chore, it’s who we are as United Methodists. It is a way of life.